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             abstract = "The State of S{\~a}o Paulo in Brazil experienced in 2014 and 
                         early 2015 an expressive precipitation deficit, leading to drought 
                         conditions with impacts in water availability for public 
                         consumption, hydropower generation, and agriculture, particularly 
                         during austral summer. This study performs a detailed diagnostics 
                         of the observed precipitation during 2014 and early 2015 over a 
                         particular region of S{\~a}o Paulo State, which includes the 
                         massively populated metropolitan region of S{\~a}o Paulo. The 
                         diagnostic was designed to provide answers to a number of relevant 
                         questions for the activities, decisions, and strategic planning of 
                         several sectors (e.g., general public, media, and high-level 
                         governments). Examples of questions such diagnostics can help 
                         answer are: How much precipitation has the region received? Has 
                         the region experienced drought conditions in the past? When have 
                         similar drought conditions been observed in the past? What has 
                         been the observed precipitation pattern in the last years? How 
                         severe/rare were the 2014 and 2015 droughts? When does the rainy 
                         season typically start/end in the region? What happened during the 
                         2013/2014 and 2014/2015 rainy seasons? The performed diagnostics 
                         based on historical 1961/19622014/2015 records revealed that the 
                         2013/2014 austral summer was a very rare event classified as 
                         exceptionally dry. Similar drought events were previously recorded 
                         but with smaller magnitude in terms of precipitation deficits, 
                         making the 2013/2014 drought event the driest on the examined 
                         record. In fact, the region has been experiencing a precipitation 
                         deficit pattern since 1999/2000. One of the contributing factors 
                         for the expressive precipitation deficit in 2014 was the 
                         abnormally early end of the 2013/2014 rainy season in the 
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