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             abstract = "By using Adaptive Object Models (AOM) it is possible to have a 
                         more flexible domain structure in an application, allowing its 
                         adaptation at runtime. Patterns for AOMs create a class structure 
                         completely different from the static structure that applications 
                         and frameworks are used to handling. As a result, AOM applications 
                         cannot be integrated with existing frameworks, even the industry 
                         standards, which are meant for a static class-based domain model. 
                         The Adapter pattern could be used to adapt the AOM structure for 
                         the one expected by the framework, however this adapter would need 
                         to be manually modified for every change in the AOM structure. 
                         This paper proposes a solution to this problem by creating a 
                         dynamically generated adapter for the current AOM structure. To 
                         exemplify the use of this approach, an implementation was created 
                         to adapt the AOM structure from the framework Esfinge AOM to the 
                         Java Beans API. Additionally, a framework for instance comparison 
                         based on the Java Beans specification was used to compare the 
                         adapted AOM entities.",
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