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             abstract = "Space missions intending to visit Europa, one of the famous 
                         Galileans moons of Jupiter, are among the most important topics in 
                         space activities today. There is an increasing interest in the 
                         scientific community to send spacecrafts to be inserted into 
                         Europas orbit, with goals like mapping its surface and 
                         gravitational field. From the quality of the observations until 
                         the orbital maneuvers, the required aspects for the success of the 
                         mission will depend on the orbits used by the spacecraft. The 
                         present work searches for less perturbed elliptical orbits around 
                         Europa, because they are very important, since these orbits are 
                         expected to be more stable to place the spacecraft. The 
                         development of the study is based on the net effects of the 
                         perturbing forces over the time, evaluated by the integral of 
                         those forces with respect to the time. The value of this integral 
                         depends both on the dynamical model and the orbit of the 
                         spacecraft. Jupiters third-body perturbation and the J2 and J3 
                         terms of the gravitational potential of Europa are the perturbing 
                         forces considered. The results presented here are obtained by 
                         performing numerical integrations of the perturbing forces, and 
                         they show the locations of the less perturbed orbits.",
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