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                         astronautics, and several missions used this technique in the last 
                         decades. In the present work, those close approach maneuvers are 
                         revisited, but now considering that the spacecraft passes around 
                         an oblate planet. This fact changes the distribution of mass of 
                         the planet, increasing the mass in the region of the equator, so 
                         increasing the gravitational forces in the equatorial plane. Since 
                         the present study is limited to planar trajectories, there is an 
                         increase in the variation of energy given by the maneuver. The 
                         planet Jupiter is used as the body for the close approach, but the 
                         value of J2 is varied in a large range to simulate situations of 
                         other celestial bodies that have larger oblateness, but the same 
                         mass ratio. This is particularly true in recent discovered 
                         exoplanets, and this first study can help the study of the 
                         dynamics around those bodies.",
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