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                         electron densities in the D region ionosphere of Mars for aerosol 
                         particles of different sizes during a major dust storm that 
                         occurred in Martian Year (MY) 25 at low latitude. These 
                         calculations are made at latitude 10S and solar longitudes 
                         (Ls)\ =\ 200, 220, 250, and 280 for high, 
                         medium, low, and absence of dust storms, respectively. Four 
                         corresponding dust layers were found at 50\ km, 
                         50\ km, 38\ km, and 25\ km during these 
                         events. During high dust storm period, the optical depth and dust 
                         density increased by a factor of ~20 from its normal condition. 
                         The electron densities estimated for the D region ionosphere of 
                         Mars for submicron sized dust particles are largest as compared to 
                         that estimated for larger particles. The electron density reduced 
                         by ~2 orders of magnitude during high dust storm. The estimated 
                         electron density in the clear atmosphere of Mars is compared with 
                         measurements of Earth's ionosphere at nearly the same geophysical 
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