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             abstract = "This paper explores the optimal design problem of a linear 
                         time-invariant control system composed of three different types of 
                         linear parallel actuators. The actuators time constants have been 
                         defined to achieve a conflicting behavior among the transient 
                         response provided by them. Thus, a novel solution has been 
                         proposed to find the best selection of actuators gains to improve 
                         the performance parameters. Such methodology is based on a 
                         discrete multiobjective optimization technique. The transfer 
                         functions, as well as the transient response, have been derived 
                         and evaluated throughout this work. In addition, the stability 
                         conditions have been analyzed for a range of closed-loop poles and 
                         zeros. The discrete multiobjective optimization problem is 
                         formulated with a couple of objective functions: overshoot and 
                         settling time of the closed-loop response. A decision-making 
                         method has been used to find the best compromise solution from a 
                         group of candidate solutions. The results have indicated that a 
                         better performance can be achieved with a systematic 
                         multiobjective optimization methodology.",
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