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                         forces in the trajectory of lunar satellites. The following 
                         gravitational and non-gravitational orbital disturbances are 
                         considered: the non-homogeneity of the lunar gravitational field; 
                         the gravitational attraction due to the third body, considering 
                         the Earth and the Sun; the lunar albedo; the solar radiation 
                         pressure. Numerical models were developed and implemented in an 
                         orbital trajectory simulator aiming to understand the dynamics of 
                         the orbital motion of an artificial satellite in lunar orbit when 
                         considering the simultaneous effect of all disturbances. Different 
                         orbits were simulated in order to characterize the major and the 
                         minor influence of each disturbing force as function of the 
                         inclination and the right ascension of the ascending node. This 
                         study can be very useful in the space mission analysis and in the 
                         selection of orbits less affected by environmental disturbances.",
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