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             abstract = "The horizontal magnetic components observed by ground-based 
                         observatories belonging to the INTERMAGNET network have been used 
                         to analyze the global pattern of the geomagnetic field variation. 
                         The approach is based on the Principal Component Analysis method 
                         applied to magnetograms from 2000 to 2005. Quiet and disturbed 
                         days were geomagnetically distinguished. The pattern of the 
                         geomagnetic field variation fluctuates bewilderingly over time. In 
                         this work, we are interested in determining the geomagnetic field 
                         variability presenting in each principal component. The results 
                         suggest that the oscillation patterns of the first, second and 
                         third components could be explained respectively by the first one, 
                         two and three terms of the geomagnetic field spherical harmonic 
                         expansion. The principal components provide a meaningful way to 
                         appraise the overall space-time decomposition of the geomagnetic 
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