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             abstract = "This work presents the attitude control system design procedures 
                         for a three axis stabilized satellite in geostationary orbit, 
                         which contains a flywheel suspended by two gimbals. The use of a 
                         flywheel with two DOFs is an interesting option because with only 
                         one device its possible to control the torques about vehicles 
                         three axes; through the wheel speed control and gyrotorquing 
                         phenomenon with two DOFs. If the wheel size and speed are 
                         determined properly its possible to cancel cyclic torques using 
                         gas jets only periodically to cancel secular disturbance torques. 
                         The system, based on a flywheel, takes only one pitch/roll (earth) 
                         sensor to maintain precise attitude, unlike mass expulsion based 
                         control systems, which uses propellants continuously, beyond roll, 
                         pitch and yaw sensors. It is considered the satellite is in 
                         nominal orbit and, therefore, that the attitudes acquisition phase 
                         has already elapsed. Control laws and system parameters are 
                         determined in order to cancel the solar pressure radiation 
                         disturbance torque and the torque due to misalignment of the 
                         thrusters. Stability is analyzed and step and cyclic responses are 
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