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                         using a numerical procedure, for balls motion, sliding friction 
                         and internal loading distribution computation in a high-speed, 
                         single-row, angular-contact ball bearing, subjected to a known 
                         combined radial, thrust and moment load, which must be applied to 
                         the inner rings centre of mass, is introduced. For each step of 
                         the procedure it is required the iterative solution of 9Z + 3 
                         simultaneous non-linear equations where Z is the number of the 
                         balls to yield exact solution for contact angles, ball attitude 
                         angles, rolling radii, normal contact deformations and axial, 
                         radial, and angular deflections of the inner ring with respect the 
                         outer ring. The focus of this work is obtaining the steady state 
                         forces and moments equilibrium conditions on the balls, under the 
                         selected external loading, and to describe the numerical aspects 
                         of the procedure. The numerical results derived from the described 
                         procedure shall be published later.",
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