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             abstract = "Porous silicon samples, obtained by electrochemical process in a 
                         solution containing HF-Ethanol were prepared varying etching time 
                         and current density. Using the phonon confinement model the 
                         crystallite size was estimated on the porous layer through the 
                         best fit of the Raman spectrum of first order. The experimental 
                         and theoretical points were better adjusted in order to obtain 
                         more accurate results in relation to previous works. For the 
                         samples with varying the anodization time and keeping constant the 
                         current density the crystallite size had an oscillating behavior 
                         and tendency to decrease as a function of the anodization time. 
                         Varying current density, keeping constant the anodization time, 
                         was observed an increase in the crystallite size as a function 
                         current density.",
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