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             abstract = "We present a methodology to reconstruct vertical profiles of 
                         chlorophyll-a pigment concentration in open-ocean waters based on 
                         radiance values at different depths. The inverse problem is 
                         formulated here as an optimization problem and iteratively solved 
                         by an Ant Colony System (ACS) meta-heuristic. An objective 
                         function is given by the square difference between computed and 
                         experimental radiances at each iteration. The Laplace transform 
                         discrete ordinate (LTSN) method is used to solve the radiative 
                         transfer equation (direct problem) in order to compute the 
                         radiances. In a first approach, this methodology was not able to 
                         reconstruct profiles with two or more peaks of chlorophyll-a 
                         concentration. This result can be partially explained by the 
                         relatively low number of sampling points (11 points), that limits 
                         the geometric resolution of the vertical profile to be 
                         reconstructed. Alternatively, we propose the reconstruction 
                         vertical profile using a higher geometric resolution, lower than 
                         one meter, in order to evaluate the ability of identifying any 
                         peak in chlorophyll-a concentration. A hybrid methodology is 
                         adopted: initially, the original inverse ACS methodology is 
                         employed to retrieve a high resolution profile (81 points), and 
                         then this result is used as an initial guess for the deterministic 
                         method of optimization Levenberg-Marquardt to refine the 
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