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             abstract = "Test oracles have become a welcoming approach as a very efficient 
                         support for testing any type of application. Since oracle's 
                         generation can be a very laborious work, several techniques have 
                         been studied in order to perform an automatic or semi-automatic 
                         generation. However, the construction of an automated test oracle 
                         is not a trivial task, especially in terms of the inference of 
                         verdicts and detecting defects. Therefore, this research proposes 
                         a strategy to construct an automated test oracle based only on a 
                         model generated from reverse engineering, and to detect defects by 
                         a combination of static and dynamic source code analysis with a 
                         minimum manual labor from testers. We have applied our methodology 
                         to some interesting case studies and compared with other tools in 
                         order to show usefulness of our approach.",
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