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             abstract = "This paper examines water properties from lakes, (depression 
                         lakes, sensu Junk et al., 2012), channels (scroll lakes with high 
                         connectivity, sensu Junk et al., 2012) and paleo-channels (scroll 
                         lakes with low connectivity-sensu Junk et al., 2012, locally 
                         called ressacas) located in Mamirau{\'a} Sustainable Development 
                         Reserve, in Central Amazon floodplain, Amazonas, Brazil. We 
                         analysed surface temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, 
                         turbidity, transparency, suspended inorganic and organic matter, 
                         chlorophyll-a, pheophytin, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, 
                         organic and inorganic carbon in 2009 high water phase, 2009 and 
                         2010 low water phases. Multivariate statistical analyses of 24 
                         aquatic systems (6 ressacas, 12 lakes and 6 channels, 142 samples) 
                         were applied to the variables in order to: 1) quantify differences 
                         among aquatic system types; 2) assess how those differences are 
                         affected in the different phases of the hydrological year. First, 
                         we analysed the entire set of variables to test for differences 
                         among phases of the hydrological year and types of aquatic systems 
                         using a PERMANOVA two-way crossed design. The results showed that 
                         the all measured limnological variables are distinct regarding 
                         both factors: types of aquatic systems and hydrological phases. In 
                         general, the magnitude and amplitude of all variables were higher 
                         in the low water phase than in the high water phase, except for 
                         water transparency in all aquatic systems types. PERMANOVA showed 
                         that the differences between aquatic systems types and 
                         hydrological phases of all variables were highly significant for 
                         both main factors (type and phase) and for the type x phase 
                         interaction. Limnological patterns of Amazon floodplain aquatic 
                         systems are highly dynamic, dependent on the surrounding 
                         environment, flood pulse, main river input and system type. These 
                         patterns show how undisturbed systems respond to natural 
                         variability in such a diverse environment, and how distinct are 
                         those aquatic systems, especially during the low water phase. 
                         Aquatic systems in Mamirau{\'a} floodplain represent limnological 
                         patterns of almost undisturbed areas and can be used as future 
                         reference for comparison with disturbed areas, such as those of 
                         the Lower Amazon, and as a baseline for studies on the effects of 
                         anthropogenic influences and climate change and on Amazon aquatic 
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