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             abstract = "The minimization of tool switches problem (MTSP) seeks a sequence 
                         to process a set of jobs so that the number of tool switches 
                         required is minimized. The MTSP is well known to be NP-hard. This 
                         paper presents a new hybrid heuristic based on the Biased Random 
                         Key Genetic Algorithm (BRKGA) and the Clustering Search (CS). The 
                         main idea of CS is to identify promising regions of the search 
                         space by generating solutions with a metaheuristic, such as BRKGA, 
                         and clustering them to be further explored with local search 
                         heuristics. The distinctive feature of the proposed method is to 
                         simplify this clustering process. Computational results for the 
                         MTSP considering instances available in the literature are 
                         presented to demonstrate the efficacy of the CS with BRKGA.",
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