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                         involving surface and underground water resources. The 
                         determination of good quality drainage network can be extracted 
                         from altimetry grids with high or at least medium resolution. They 
                         can be used for studies in small and large watersheds. When the 
                         target is a large watershed, high and medium resolutions are not 
                         adequate. The grid resolution should be decreased and consequently 
                         the drainage network must be extracted for this new resolution. 
                         This mapping can be done in two ways. The first possibility is to 
                         extract the drainage network from the new grid altimetry. The 
                         second one is to define the new drainage network from the original 
                         drainage. In this work, the second possibility was implemented to 
                         provide the best quality drainage. The method called Priority 
                         First SearchPFS used by TerraHidro for extracting drainage from 
                         Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) with 90 m of horizontal 
                         resolution, is described. The Upscaling process, responsible to 
                         convert high resolution drainage network to low resolution 
                         drainage network, is detailed and results are presented to show 
                         the effectiveness of the Upscaling process contained in 
                         TerraHidro. The distributed hydrologic models employed in 
                         underground waters using in many cases the network of surface 
                         drainage as basic information.",
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