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                         be transformed into specialised models, making use of the 
                         methodologies originated from traditional autonomous disciplines 
                         that deal with complex discrete event process problems, namely: 
                         Systems (Concurrent) Engineering, Project Management, Business 
                         Process Management and Simulation Modeling. In particular, the 
                         transformation of the enterprise´s systems (concurrent) 
                         engineering process lifecycle (an aggregate of product engineering 
                         and organization´s management processes) into specialised models 
                         and their implementation, making use of the appropriate inherent 
                         methodology and tools originated from these traditional autonomous 
                         study areas, result in integrated applications that can be used as 
                         tools to support basic Product Lifecycle Management. These tools 
                         can be used to support the execution of essential procedures in 
                         the Small and Medium Enterprise´s systems (concurrent) engineering 
                         process, as an alternative to complete and/or tailored Product 
                         Lifecycle Management and Business Process Management support 
                         systems, which are usually costly, complex, difficult to customize 
                         and to integrate with other legacy software applications, and 
                         therefore not suitable for use by Small and Medium Enterprises.",
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