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             abstract = "September 2015 was an atypical austral winter rainy month. 
                         Rainstorms were observed in Sao Paulo State, Brazil (53o W-44o W; 
                         20o S-25o S) with catastrophic consequences. In this paper the 
                         atmospheric conditions responsible for the rainstorms that 
                         occurred on 8th September 2015 in Sao Paulo State and their social 
                         and economic consequences were analyzed. The results showed that 
                         the rainstorms affected practically the entire Sao Paulo State 
                         causing floods and threw down trees, interrupting of the traffic 
                         on the streets and affecting the system of electric energy. 
                         Rainstorms accompanied by high winds and strong divergence at 200 
                         hPa and ascending motion were observed due to intense squall line 
                         moving over Sao Paulo State. Satellite and radar images showed 
                         strong convective activity and the heavier rainfall (around 90 mm) 
                         in the center-east sector at 20:45 UTC. Hourly data from 
                         meteorological stations showed that the wind gust and the 
                         precipitation were higher than 65 km h-1 and 10 mm, respectively 
                         in almost the entire State. In Sao Paulo city, the rainfall was 
                         the highest for September in the last 20 years. The amount of 
                         precipitation was 3% higher than the amount expected for the 
                         entire September. Since each region of inundation in Sao Paulo 
                         city causes a daily damage higher than US\$ 263,000,00 a great 
                         economic harm must be expected. A co-operative project between 
                         National Institute for Space Research (INPE) institution and 
                         Energisa Power Company is in progress aimed to mitigate the 
                         effects of adverse weather conditions as in the case of the 
                         rainstorm that occurred in 8th September 2015.",
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