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             abstract = "This study deals with the main environmental impacts and possible 
                         mitigation measures for many pipeline tracks, due to the mining of 
                         different substances in areas of interference between mining 
                         activities and mineral research and those resulting from 
                         construction and gas pipeline operation. By monitoring the 
                         identified interferences/ disturbances, it was determined that 
                         although punctual and small in number, the extraction of mineral 
                         resources in the proximity of the gas pipelines could represent 
                         risks for the security of the undertaking. In general the risks 
                         are consequence either of the use of explosives or of induced 
                         erosive processes that could lead to pipeline instability. It is 
                         necessary to block the mining activities on both sides of the 
                         pipeline tracks in order to minimize risks to the pipeline, to 
                         others, to society, and to the environment. Also, the 
                         establishment of flexible track limits could be adopted in areas 
                         adjacent to the pipelines for the exploration of some mineral 
                         deposits, thus prioritizing security preservation with a minimum 
                         of socio-environmental impacts.",
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