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                         climatic feature of the continent. It provides water resources for 
                         millions of people living in rural and urban areas, and is a 
                         dominant control on both agriculture and on hydroelectric power 
                         generation, which is the primary source of electricity in South 
                         America. SAMS exhibits variations on a broad range of scales, 
                         which further depend on complex multi-system interactions, 
                         feedback and teleconnections. Global warming plays a major role in 
                         modifying monsoonal circulations and coupled modes of variability 
                         in the tropics and extratropics, with potential to alter the SAMS 
                         characteristics. South America has been experiencing progressive 
                         warming that may critically impact the continents hydrological 
                         cycle. This chapter reviews the main characteristics of the SAMS 
                         and discusses observational and modeling studies investigating 
                         ongoing and future projections of climatic changes.",
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