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             abstract = "This article discusses the development of a power system, capable 
                         of supplying the entire energy demand of the attitude control 
                         subsystem, communication, data processing and payload of the 
                         CubeSat, Escola de Engenharia MauŽas project. The power system 
                         developed is responsible for generating, distribution and control 
                         of the entire energy flow of the CubeSat MauŽa. The energy 
                         generated by high efficiency aerospace photocells, endowed with 
                         the triple junction technology is stored in Ion-Lithium batteries. 
                         The distribution of energy is made by three levels of stabilized 
                         voltages and regulated in 3.3V, 5V, 12V and there is a unregulated 
                         level supplied directly from the battery. In case of failure, a 
                         set of redundant power supplies are able to take any of the 
                         regulated voltages levels. All control of the power system is 
                         performed by a microcontroller, which collects and analyzes data, 
                         such as temperature, voltage and current to determine whether the 
                         system power will come from major sources or from redundant ones. 
                         Through a CAN network, the microcontroller transmits telemetry 
                         information to a Data Processing Unit (DPU), which takes more 
                         complex decisions involving all the CubeSat subsystems.",
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