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                         with respect to their coverage. In order to properly plan a WMN, 
                         it is not always easy to install it directly as the topology and 
                         configuration of some parameters may not be optimized leading to 
                         excessive costs and inefficient network services. Therefore, it is 
                         necessary to evaluate WMN performance with different 
                         configurations of parameters and different topologies without the 
                         need to deploy them. The paper presented here proposes the use of 
                         Monte Carlo simulation in order to evaluate the performance of a 
                         WMN in order to satisfy acceptable QoS parameters for routing 
                         metrics, such as ETX and ETT. Results presented show that the 
                         method is quite effective in testing several scenarios and 
                         configurations in order to obtain a good feasible solution before 
                         installing the network.",
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