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             abstract = "In a context of international scrutiny, important efforts are 
                         being made to preserve Brazils tropical forests. Meanwhile, the 
                         destruction of its Cerrado biome advances with increasing leaps 
                         but little controversy. Yet the damaging changes threaten 
                         life-supporting natural resources and ecosystem services that are 
                         vital for the majority of Brazilians, as well as for the continued 
                         viability of agriculture. This ancient region of considerable 
                         geological and cultural significance encapsulates all of the major 
                         environmental challenges to sustainability, and begs new responses 
                         from science and society. Fresh policies are needed to promote and 
                         integrate the importance of this biome for the nation. These 
                         include implementing systematic monitoring systems and improving 
                         the management of established ones, minimizing new clearing. 
                         Degraded areas must be restored to comply with existing Brazilian 
                         environmental laws and international commitments related to 
                         climate change, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable 
                         development. Addressing the threats to this critically important 
                         yet neglected biome requires attention to structural governance 
                         problems, including improved education and involvement of 
                         stakeholders in key decision making about the region, as well as 
                         historically informed reexamination of the countrys economic 
                         development path.",
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