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             abstract = "This work concerns analytical results on the role of coupling 
                         strength in the phenomenon of onset of complete frequency locking 
                         in power-grids modelled as a network of second-order Kuramoto 
                         oscillators. Those results allow estimation of the coupling 
                         strength for the onset of complete frequency locking and to assess 
                         the features of network and oscillators that favor 
                         synchronization. The analytical results are evaluated using an 
                         order parameter defined as the normalized sum of absolute values 
                         of phase deviations of the oscillators over time. The 
                         investigation of the frequency synchronization within the subsets 
                         of the parameter space involved in the synchronization problem is 
                         also carried out. It is shown that the analytical results are in 
                         good agreement with those observed in the numerical simulations. 
                         In order to illustrate the methodology, a case study is presented, 
                         involving the Brazilian high-voltage transmission system under a 
                         load peak condition to study the effect of load on the 
                         syncronizability of the grid. The results show that both the load 
                         and the centralized generation might have concurred to the 2014 
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