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             abstract = "Tropical forests play a critical role in the global carbon budget, 
                         and the Amazon region in South America has particular importance 
                         since it represents half the worlds rainforest area and is home to 
                         one-third of Earths species. In the recent past, parts of 
                         Brazilian Amazon faced high rates of deforestation, and this 
                         process has led to changes in the environment and society. Since 
                         the 1960s, strategies for the occupation of Brazilian Amazon have 
                         promoted land use and land cover change that led to deforesting of 
                         about 18\ % of the original vegetation cover. The main 
                         drivers of changes in land use and land cover in the past 50 years 
                         have been infrastructure development, financial incentives to land 
                         occupation, agriculture and pasture. Deforestation has affected 
                         biodiversity, soil structure, hydrological regime and local 
                         climate, and, through a positive feedback, it is likely to be 
                         affecting regional climate beyond the Amazon basin. We provide an 
                         overview of the extent and dynamics of land use and land use 
                         change in Brazilian Amazon forest from 1960 to 2013 and discuss 
                         the environmental and social aspects related to the deforestation 
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