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             abstract = "In this paper, we present a controlled experiment for 
                         combinatorial designs algorithms aiming at software test case 
                         generation. We compare our recently proposed algorithm, TTR, to 
                         generate Mixed-Level Covering Array (MCA) with four other 
                         well-known combinatorial designs algorithms/tools regarding two 
                         aspects: cost in terms of the size of the set of test cases, and 
                         cost in terms of the time to generate the test suites. We used a 
                         set of 27 instances for this experiment. Results show that our 
                         algorithm was the best in terms of the size of the test suite, but 
                         was the poorest in terms of the time to generate the test cases. 
                         However, the not so good performance of our algorithm regarding 
                         the time to generate the test suite can be alleviated by the fact 
                         that TTR produces shorter set of test cases to be executed. We 
                         also made a comparison about the similarity of the test cases, 
                         i.e. to realize how similar are the test suites (test input data) 
                         of TTR compared with the other four algorithms/tools. We conclude 
                         that the TTRs test suite is not similar to any other test suites 
                         meaning that our algorithm has the potential to uncover different 
                         software defects by exercising different parts of the Software 
                         Under Test (SUT).",
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