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             abstract = "Estimates of light availability in the water column require 
                         accurate quantification at different depths of the diffuse 
                         attenuation coefficient (Kd). This study examines spatial and 
                         seasonal variability of Kd derived variables [euphotic zone depth 
                         (Zeu), attenuation depth (Zatt)], their relationship with 
                         optically active constituents (OACs), and their impact on the 
                         underwater light field at Ibitinga Reservoir (Sao Paulo, Brazil). 
                         Radiometric data were acquired using profiling spectroradiometers 
                         operating from 320 to 950 nm in four campaigns (FebruaryJuly 2014) 
                         concurrently with OAC water samplings. Minimum and maximum values 
                         of KdPAR were, respectively, 0.99 and 3.45 m-1 for average ranges 
                         of OACs varying from 14.4 to 16.2 mg/l for dissolved total carbon, 
                         11.5100.5 lg/l for chlorophyll-a, 1.814.5 mg/l for total suspended 
                         solid, and from 0.73 to 1.71 m-1 for absorption coefficient of 
                         colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in 440 nm (aCDOM440). CDOM 
                         removed blue wavelengths in the first meter of the water column 
                         throughout seasons, while green wavelengths were predominant with 
                         increasing depth. Furthermore, this study demonstrated that Kd 
                         variability is mainly influenced by the presence of phytoplankton 
                         and CDOM in the reservoir, and reveals that the seasonal 
                         variability of Kd was much larger than spatial variability.",
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