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             abstract = "The Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon 20142015 
                         (GoAmazon2014/5) experiment took place around the urban region of 
                         Manaus in central Amazonia across 2 years. The urban pollution 
                         plume was used to study the susceptibility of gases, aerosols, 
                         clouds, and rainfall to human activities in a tropical 
                         environment. Many aspects of air quality, weather, terrestrial 
                         ecosystems, and climate work differently in the tropics than in 
                         the more thoroughly studied temperate regions of Earth. 
                         GoAmazon2014/5, a cooperative project of Brazil, Germany, and the 
                         United States, employed an unparalleled suite of measurements at 
                         nine ground sites and on board two aircraft to investigate the 
                         flow of background air into Manaus, the emissions into the air 
                         over the city, and the advection of the pollution downwind of the 
                         city. Herein, to visualize this train of processes and its 
                         effects, observations aboard a low-flying aircraft are presented. 
                         Comparative measurements within and adjacent to the plume followed 
                         the emissions of biogenic volatile organic carbon compounds 
                         (BVOCs) from the tropical forest, their transformations by the 
                         atmospheric oxidant cycle, alterations of this cycle by the 
                         influence of the pollutants, transformations of the chemical 
                         products into aerosol particles, the relationship of these 
                         particles to cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) activity, and the 
                         differences in cloud properties and rainfall for background 
                         compared to polluted conditions. The observations of the 
                         GoAmazon2014/5 experiment illustrate how the hydrologic cycle, 
                         radiation balance, and carbon recycling may be affected by 
                         present-day as well as future economic development and pollution 
                         over the Amazonian tropical forest.",
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