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                         has been suffering from the course of the past 40 years intense 
                         land use and land cover changes. With this in mind, this study has 
                         examined possible associations between change in spatial and 
                         temporal rainfall variability and land cover change in the Amazon, 
                         using the PRECIS regional modelling system. It has been found that 
                         the impacts of land cover change by forest removal are more 
                         intense in the so-called Arc of deforestation over central and 
                         southern Amazonia. However, the relative impact of the simulated 
                         rainfall changes seems to be more important in the JJA dry season. 
                         In addition, the simulations under the deforestation scenarios 
                         also show the occurrence of extreme rainfall events as well as 
                         more frequent dry periods. Therefore, the results found show to be 
                         potentially important in the modulation of regional climate 
                         variations which have several environmental and socio-economic 
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