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             abstract = "Amorphous hydrogenated carbon (DLC) coatings have a high hardness 
                         depending on the relative amount of sp3/sp2 bondings. They also 
                         exhibit an extremely low friction coefficient and are chemically 
                         inert. However, these coatings have some disadvantages which limit 
                         their applications. For instance, adhesion is poor when they are 
                         deposited on metallic substrates and they are also unstable at 
                         high temperatures, degrading into graphite and loosing hardness. 
                         In this work, DLC coatings were deposited on precipitation 
                         hardening stainless steel (PH Corrax) which was plasma nitrided 
                         before the coating deposition. The samples were submitted to 
                         annealing treatments for an hour at different temperatures from 
                         200 to 600 C, together with a control group, which was only 
                         coated but not nitrided. After each annealing cycle, Raman 
                         Spectroscopy, nanoindentation and microscopy were used to check 
                         film properties. It was demonstrated that the nitriding pre 
                         treatment improved not only adhesion but also the thermal 
                         stability of the DLC, slowing degradation and preventing 
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