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                         Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). We find no evidence of a GW 
                         signal for any of the 41 \γ-ray bursts for which LIGO data 
                         are available with sufficient duration. For all \γ-ray 
                         bursts, we place lower bounds on the distance to the source using 
                         the optimistic assumption that GWs with an energy of 10-2M c2 
                         \ were emitted within the 16500 Hz band, and we find a 
                         median 90% confidence limit of 71 Mpc at 150 Hz. For the subset of 
                         19 short/hard \γ-ray bursts, we place lower bounds on 
                         distance with a median 90% confidence limit of 90 Mpc for binary 
                         neutron star (BNS) coalescences, and 150\and 139 Mpc for 
                         neutron starblack hole coalescences with spins aligned to the 
                         orbital angular momentum and in a generic configuration, 
                         respectively. These are the highest distance limits ever achieved 
                         by GW searches. We also discuss in detail the results of the 
                         search for GWs associated with GRB 150906B, an event that was 
                         localized by the InterPlanetary Network near the local galaxy NGC 
                         3313, which is at a luminosity distance of 54 Mpc 
                         (z\=\0.0124). Assuming the \γ-ray emission 
                         is beamed with a jet half-opening angle \30\, we 
                         exclude a BNS and a neutron starblack hole in NGC\3313 as 
                         the progenitor of this event with confidence >99%. Further, we 
                         exclude such progenitors up to a distance of 102 Mpc and 170 Mpc, 
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