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             abstract = "Analytical equations describing the velocity and energy variation 
                         of a spacecraft in a Powered Swing-By maneuver in an elliptic 
                         system are presented. The spacecraft motion is limited to the 
                         orbital plane of the primaries. In addition to gravity, the 
                         spacecraft suffers the effect of an impulsive maneuver applied 
                         when it passes by the periapsis of its orbit around the secondary 
                         body of the system. This impulsive maneuver is defined by its 
                         magnitude \δV and the angle that defines the direction of 
                         the impulse with respect to the velocity of the spacecraft 
                         (\α). The maneuver occurs in a system of main bodies that 
                         are in elliptical orbits, where the velocity of the secondary body 
                         varies according to its position in the orbit following the rules 
                         of an elliptical orbit. The equations are dependent on this 
                         velocity. The study is done using the patched-conics 
                         approximation, which is a method of simplifying the calculations 
                         of the trajectory of a spacecraft traveling around more than one 
                         celestial body. Solutions for the velocity and energy variations 
                         as a function of the parameters that define the maneuver are 
                         presented. An analysis of the efficiency of the powered Swing-By 
                         maneuver is also made, comparing it with the pure gravity Swingby 
                         maneuver with the addition of an impulse applied outside the 
                         sphere of influence of the secondary body. After a general study, 
                         the techniques developed here are applied to the systems 
                         Sun-Mercury and Sun-Mars, which are real and important systems 
                         with large eccentricity. This problem is highly nonlinear and the 
                         dynamics very complex, but very reach in applications.",
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