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                         is possible that disturbances along the system may introduce some 
                         roll rate [10]. The highly coupled nature of the rockets equations 
                         of motion make the study of its dynamic a very complex subject [7, 
                         9]. It is necessary to understand how well a given control system 
                         is able to deal with such perturbations. In this paper, we are 
                         interested in studying the performance of a 
                         multiple-inputmultiple-output (MIMO) controller with roll input 
                         and how it compares to a singleinput-single-output (SISO) PID 
                         controller when used on a rocket under the influence of an 
                         uncontrolled spin rate of parabolic profile. The controllers are 
                         compared by analyzing both step response and the ability to send 
                         the system to a pre-determined trajectory, with and without the 
                         influence of wind perturbations.",
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