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             abstract = "This research studied Ti-6Al-4V alloy behavior with two (2) 
                         different microstructure subjected to nitrogen addition by PIII 
                         treatment, with and without sample heating, under cyclic load. 
                         PIII conditions, at 390 C, were DC voltage of 9.5 kV, frequency 
                         of 1.5 kHz and pulse of 40 s. PIII conditions, with sample 
                         heating at 800 C, were 7 kV, 0.4 kHz and 30 s. Axial fatigue 
                         tests were performed on untreated and treated samples for 
                         resistance to fatigue comparison. The untreated Ti-6Al-4V had an 
                         annealed microstructure, PIII treatment at 390 C resulted in a 
                         microstructure that has no nitride layer or diffusion zone. In the 
                         PIII treatment at 800 C, the microstructure presented nitride 
                         layer and diffusion zone. Resistance to fatigue decreased with 
                         PIII treatments in both temperatures. At 390 C, the treatment 
                         created deformation regions and cracks on surface due to nitrogen 
                         implantation that formed solid solution with titanium and imposed 
                         lattice strains on the crystal lattice. At 800 C, bulk ductility 
                         decrease, increasing of \αTi proportion in microstructure 
                         due to \α case formation and the presence of a ceramic layer 
                         dropped fatigue resistance of Ti-6A-4V alloy.",
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