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             abstract = "Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (VACNTs) are well known for 
                         their easy production and great modification possibilities, such 
                         as oxidation and exfoliation. Some functionalization methods can 
                         quickly change carbon nanotubes wettabillity from 
                         super-hydrophobic to super-hydrophilic. These last ones have great 
                         potential for fog harvesting or other humid gas mixture 
                         harvesting. In this work, we used these carbon nanotubes features 
                         to develop a super-hydrophobic/super-hydrophilic patterned surface 
                         to collect water droplets from humid air. This structure has been 
                         designed to biomimic the Stenocara beetle one. In this work we 
                         show that water condensation happens on self-cleaning 
                         super-hydrophobic surface and then the droplets are pumped by the 
                         super-hydrophilic surface. The super-hydrophobic surface was made 
                         by deposition of polyethylene on pristine VACNTs/steel screen. The 
                         super-hydrophilic surface was fabricated by deposition of 
                         functionalized VACNTs on carbon fiber felt. We performed the water 
                         collection measurement into a homemade chamber with fog-like 
                         humidity control. The best result reached was about 30 (L/m2)/h 
                         under controlled conditions.",
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