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             abstract = "Test-Driven Development (TDD) is one of the most popular agile 
                         practices among software developers. To investigate the software 
                         developers initial perceptions when applying TDD, we have 
                         performed an exploratory study. This study was carried out with 
                         participants who had about ten years of professional experience 
                         (on average), the majority of whom with no experience using TDD. 
                         The study is in the context of an agile project course at the 
                         postgraduate level of a research institute. Participants 
                         individually developed medium size projects addressed to different 
                         domains and using different programming languages. Through a 
                         structured questionnaire with open and semi-open questions, we 
                         collected information on TDD effects such as the perceived 
                         benefits, encountered difficulties, and developers opinion about 
                         the quality improvement of the software. Afterward, we conducted a 
                         thematic analysis of the qualitative data. Most participants 
                         noticed improvements in code quality, but few have a more 
                         comprehensive view of the effects of TDD on software design. Our 
                         findings suggest that after overcoming the initial difficulties to 
                         understand where to start, and know how to create a test for a 
                         feature that does not yet exist, participants gain greater 
                         confidence to implement new features and make changes due to broad 
                         test coverage.",
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