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                         life-saving purpose and have resistive ability to withstand 
                         impacts without damaging the body they are protecting. The 
                         development of new materials involves the analysis of deformations 
                         occurring after impact. Traditional processes, which use 
                         plasticine, strain gages, extensometers, linear variable 
                         differential transducers to carry out the measurements, are 
                         laborious and inefficient. Few institutions in the world have the 
                         ability to develop new ballistic materials. In Brazil, the 
                         Aeronautics and Space Institute (IAE), develops new materials 
                         using the traditional process through plasticine. Thus, the 
                         development of a solution to determine the deformations and their 
                         characterizations (diameter, height), can increase the efficiency 
                         of this type of test. In this work, the steps for the development 
                         of an application that uses image processing techniques to 
                         determine the diameter of the deformations are shown. The 
                         experiments performed and the results obtained are also shown.",
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