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             abstract = "The teaching of software development is not trivial, as it faces a 
                         great challenge that is to combine theory and practice of many 
                         concepts. Agile methodologies combined with active methodologies, 
                         such as Problem-based Learning (PBL), generate opportunities in 
                         the development of software projects in academic scenarios. 
                         However, some teams do not distribute activities evenly among 
                         members, hindering the learning and the project development. In 
                         this paper, we report a case study on the use of gamification as a 
                         motivating agent in the teaching-learning process of the agile 
                         Scrum methodology of software development combined with PBL. The 
                         gamification process was supported by a game called LevelLearn, 
                         that was created by the authors. At the end of the semester, a 
                         questionnaire about the influence of the game during the course 
                         was answered by the students. The results were satisfactory and 
                         showed that gamification motivated students and influenced the 
                         involvement with the developed project.",
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