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             abstract = "We present a detailed spatial analysis of stellar populations 
                         based on long-slit optical spectra in a sample of eight luminous 
                         early-type galaxies selected from nearby sparse groups and pairs, 
                         three of them may have interaction with another galaxy of similar 
                         mass. We have spatially measured luminosityweighted averages of 
                         age, [M/H], [Fe/H], and [\α/Fe] in the sample galaxies to 
                         add empirical data relative to the influence of galaxy mass, 
                         environment, interaction, and AGN feedback in their formation and 
                         evolution. The stellar population of the individual galaxies were 
                         determined through the well-established stellar population 
                         synthesis code STARLIGHT using semi-empirical simple stellar 
                         population models. Radial variations of luminosity- weighted means 
                         of age, [M/H], [Fe/H], and [\α/Fe] were quantified up to 
                         half of the effective radius of each galaxy. We found trends 
                         between representative values of age, [M/H], [\α/Fe], and 
                         the nuclear stellar velocity dispersion. There are also relations 
                         between the metallicity/age gradients and the velocity dispersion. 
                         Contributions of 1 \− 4 Gyr old stellar populations were 
                         quantified in IC 5328 and NGC 6758 as well as 4\−8 Gyr old 
                         ones in NGC 5812. Extended gas is present in IC 5328, NGC 1052, 
                         NGC 1209, and NGC 6758, and the presence of a LINER is identified 
                         in all these galaxies. The regions up to one effective radius of 
                         all galaxies are basically dominated by \α-enhanced 
                         metal-rich old stellar populations likely due to rapid star 
                         formation episodes that induced efficient chemical enrichment. On 
                         average, the age and [\α/Fe] gradients are null and the 
                         [M/H] gradients are negative, although discordant cases were 
                         found. We found no correlation between the stellar population 
                         properties and the LINER presence as well as between the stellar 
                         properties and environment or gravitational interaction, 
                         suggesting that the influence of progenitor mass can-not be 
                         discarded in the formation and evolution of early-type galaxies.",
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