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             abstract = "Nowadays, it is practically impossible to develop a complex 
                         project without the assistance of a comprehensive set of modeling 
                         and simulation tools. In space engineering, they are used 
                         throughout the product design cycle, from component up to the 
                         system level. In conceptual, pre-phase A studies of a space 
                         mission, these tools are essential to explore more broadly the 
                         design space, in the search for suitable candidate system 
                         solutions for the mission. They are also of prime importance in 
                         helping to reduce the design time in integrated concurrent design 
                         environments. Here, a multidisciplinary tool for concept of 
                         operation simulation, developed to be used in that kind of 
                         environments, is presented. FOrPlan has the main purpose of 
                         performing functional simulations of the satellite and associated 
                         ground segments, providing a dynamic verification of the mission 
                         designed operational concept. Through the use of suitable 
                         graphical interfaces, key parameters of the mission functional 
                         scenarios can be presented to the design team and other mission 
                         stakeholders, allowing them also a better understanding of the 
                         mission operational concept. The simulator presents high 
                         flexibility such that it can be quickly customized to different 
                         mission scenarios. It has been used successfully at the Space 
                         Missions Integrated Design Center (CPRIME) of the Brazilian 
                         National Institute for Space Research. In this article, the 
                         structure of FOrPlan is presented, and its main features 
                         highlighted through results of concept of operation simulations 
                         performed for a scientific space mission study that was carried 
                         out recently at CPRIME.",
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