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             abstract = "During the last three decades, intensive campaigns and experiments 
                         have been conducted for acquiring micrometeorological data in the 
                         Amazonian ecosystems, which has increased our understanding of the 
                         variation, especially seasonally, of the total energy available 
                         for the atmospheric heating process by the surface, 
                         evapotranspiration and carbon exchanges. However, the measurements 
                         obtained by such experiments generally cover small areas and are 
                         not representative of the spatial variability of these processes. 
                         This chapter aims to discuss several algorithms developed to 
                         estimate surface energy and carbon fluxes combining satellite data 
                         and micrometeorological observations, highlighting the 
                         potentialities and limitations of such models for applications in 
                         the Amazon region. We show that the use of these models presents 
                         an important role in understanding the spatial and temporal 
                         patterns of biophysical surface parameters in a region where most 
                         of the information is local. Data generated may be used as inputs 
                         in earth system surface models allowing the evaluation of the 
                         impact, both in regional as well as global scales, caused by 
                         land-use and land-cover changes.",
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