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             abstract = "Nonlinear transmission lines (NLTLs) have been studied over the 
                         past several years to generate high-power radio frequency signals. 
                         Their operation consists of a lumped line based on the nonlinear 
                         behavior of the LC section components, capacitors or inductors, as 
                         a function of the applied voltage or current, respectively. 
                         However, considering high-power signals, the application of these 
                         devices using nonlinear ceramic capacitors as the capacitive 
                         lumped lines are restricted to frequencies around 100 MHz since at 
                         high voltages, parasitic impedances in the line structure limit 
                         the maximum operating frequency. On the other hand, the use of 
                         variable capacitance diodes has enabled the operation of NLTLs at 
                         higher frequencies. This paper provides the results of a study of 
                         NLTLs for RF generation based on silicon carbide Schottky diodes. 
                         The principle of operation and its simplified theory are 
                         presented. Initially, the voltage dependence of the diode 
                         capacitance is modeled. Experimental and simulation results are 
                         compared. Frequency oscillations around 200 MHz were generated. 
                         The extraction of the radio frequency energy is realized, and the 
                         radiation of the electromagnetic wave is performed using 
                         double-ridged horn antennas. Finally, some parameters are 
                         analyzed, and all results discussed.",
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