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             abstract = "\ Nonlinear transmission lines (NLTLs) have been the 
                         subject of several studies that have shown their suitability for a 
                         wide variety of applications as pulse compressor, phase shifter, 
                         frequency multiplier, pulsed radar, battlefield communication 
                         disruption and also as a high power microwave source, holding in 
                         this case an alternative way to generate high-power radio 
                         frequency (RF) signals without using vacuum electronic tubes, 
                         which normally requires heating filament and bias power supplies. 
                         NLTLs designed for the RF generation uses nonlinear dielectric and 
                         magnetic materials that are arranged to form a dispersive or 
                         continuous nonlinear medium. This paper presents a summary of the 
                         main research on the recent NLTLs development and provides an 
                         analysis of the influence of the nonlinear material 
                         characteristics on the performance of NLTLs, pointing out that 
                         there is a lack of nonlinear dielectric and magnetic materials 
                         that would allow the achievement of NLTLs with better RF 
                         conversion efficiency and the operation at higher frequencies even 
                         under adverse environmental conditions. The nonlinear dielectric 
                         and magnetic materials for NLTLs applications need to have 
                         characteristics such as highly nonlinear behavior, low losses, and 
                         thermal stability.",
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