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             abstract = "The Bolivian Amazon wetlands are extensive floodplains distributed 
                         over the Mamore, Beni, Madre de Dios and Guapore Rivers. Located 
                         within the upper Madeira River Basin, the wetlands play important 
                         roles in regulating the biogeochemical processes and hydrological 
                         cycle of the region. In addition, they have major ecological and 
                         hydrological relevance for the entire Amazon Basin. These wetlands 
                         are characterized by the occurrence of episodic floods that result 
                         from contrasting hydro-meteorological processes in the Andean 
                         Mountain region, the piedmont area and the Amazon lowlands. In 
                         this study, we characterized the flood dynamics of the region 
                         using multi-temporal flood mapping based on optical altimetry 
                         (MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer M*D09A1) and 
                         satellite altimetry (ENVISAT RA-2 and SARAL AltiKa altimeters). 
                         This study provides new insights regarding the frequency, 
                         magnitude and spatial distribution of exogenous floods, which are 
                         created by flood waves from the Andes; and endogenous floods, 
                         which result from runoff originating in the lowlands. The maximum 
                         extent of flooding during 20012014 was 43144\ km2 in the 
                         Mamore Basin and 34852\ km2 in the Guapore Basin, and the 
                         total surface water storage in these floodplains reached 
                         94\ km3. The regionalization of flood regimes based on 
                         water stage time series signatures allowed those regions that are 
                         exposed to frequent floods, which are generally located along 
                         rivers without a direct connection with the Andes, to be 
                         distinguished from floodplains that are more dependent on flood 
                         waves originating in the Andes and its piedmonts. This information 
                         is of great importance for understanding the roles of these 
                         wetlands in the provision of ecosystem services.",
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