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                         it provides information about forecast qualify to model and 
                         forecast developers and various users. This chapter provides an 
                         overview of methods relevant to sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) 
                         forecast verification, starting with the definition of forecast 
                         goodness and some fundamental forecast quality attributes. Next, 
                         the factors affecting the design of verification studies are 
                         presented. The recognition of uncertainties in observational data 
                         sets and the need for care in matching forecasts and observations 
                         is also discussed. A large part of the chapter is dedicated to a 
                         review of the most common deterministic and probabilistic forecast 
                         verification measures and a summary of novel spatial verification 
                         methods developed during the last two decades. Types of S2S 
                         forecasts and current verification practices are presented. The 
                         chapter concludes with a summary, challenges, and recommendations 
                         for advancing S2S verification research and practice.",
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