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             abstract = "Standard specifications for orthopedic devices that are implanted 
                         in the human body include requirements for materials, finishing, 
                         marking, care and handling, but do not address the mechanical 
                         properties required for each type of implant. Insufficient 
                         mechanical strength is the cause of failure of medical devices. 
                         For the development of any implantable device, manufacturers 
                         demand information about the load to which the device will be 
                         subjected. In the case of fracture fixation, information is often 
                         missing. This review presents relevant information regarding 
                         biomechanics and common loads, moments and stress related to the 
                         intrinsic relation between human bones during daily activities. 
                         Results that arose from these calculations are expected to be 
                         stood by medical devices when outlined for stabilization of bone 
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