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             abstract = "Knowledge and studies on precipitation in the Amazon Basin (AB) 
                         are determinant for environmental aspects such as hydrology, 
                         ecology, as well as for social aspects like agriculture, food 
                         security, or health issues. Availability of rainfall data at high 
                         spatio-temporal resolution is thus crucial for these purposes. 
                         Remote sensing techniques provide extensive spatial coverage 
                         compared to ground-based rainfall data but it is imperative to 
                         assess the quality of the estimates. Previous studies underline at 
                         regional scale in the AB, and for some years, the efficiency of 
                         the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) 3B42 Version 7 
                         (V7) (hereafter 3B42) daily product data, to provide a good view 
                         of the rainfall time variability which is important to understand 
                         the impacts of El Nino Southern Oscilation. Then our study aims to 
                         enhance the knowledge about the quality of this product on the 
                         entire AB and provide a useful understanding about his capacity to 
                         reproduce the annual rainfall regimes. For that purpose we 
                         compared 3B42 against 205 quality-controlled rain gauge 
                         measurements for the period from March 1998 to July 2013, with the 
                         aim to know whether 3B42 is reliable for climate studies. Analysis 
                         of quantitative (Bias, Relative RMSE) and categorical statistics 
                         (POD, FAR) for the whole period show a more accurate spatial 
                         distribution of mean daily rainfall estimations in the lowlands 
                         than in the Andean regions. In the latter, the location of a rain 
                         gauge and its exposure seem to be more relevant to explain 
                         mismatches with 3B42 rather than its elevation. In general, a good 
                         agreement is observed between rain gauge derived regimes and those 
                         from 3B42; however, performance is better in the rainy period. 
                         Finally, an original way to validate the estimations is by taking 
                         into account the interannual variability of rainfall regimes 
                         (i.e., the presence of sub-regimes): four sub-regimes in the 
                         northeast AB defined from rain gauges and 3B42 were found to be in 
                         good agreement. Furthermore, this work examined whether TRMM 3B42 
                         V7 rainfall estimates for all the grid points in the AB, outgoing 
                         longwave radiation (OLR) and water vapor flux patterns are 
                         consistent in the northeast of AB.",
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