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                         deterministic algorithms, in which the input and the expected 
                         result are known. However, the application of TDD with randomized 
                         algorithms have been a challenge, especially when the execution 
                         demands several random choices. The goal of this paper is to 
                         present an approach to allow the use of TDD in the development of 
                         randomized algorithms, and the Random Engagement for Test (ReTest) 
                         framework, a JUnit extension that provides support for the 
                         proposed approach. Furthermore, this paper present the results of 
                         a single-subject experiment carried out to assess the feasibility 
                         of the proposed approach, and a study on developer experience when 
                         using ReTest framework. Our results support the claim that the 
                         proposed approach is suitable for the development of randomized 
                         software using TDD and that the ReTest framework is useful and 
                         easy to use.",
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