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             abstract = "Some relevant aspects of the instability of Geodesic Acoustic 
                         Modes (GAMs) driven by Neutral Beam (NB) injection are studied, in 
                         particular its dependence on the injection direction, that is, 
                         coor counter-injection, and on the pitch angle distribution of the 
                         beam particles in velocity space. In this paper, we further 
                         investigate these and other related issues considering the 
                         excitation of GAMs by energetic ions created during NB injection 
                         and modeled by a bump-on-tail distribution function with a sharp 
                         Gaussian dependence over the pitch angle at the injection angle. 
                         The bump is considered to have an energetic ion tail with 
                         temperature of the order of the third part of the critical energy 
                         that appears due to the slowing down effect on electrons. It is 
                         found that the maximum frequency of the GAM instability stays 
                         below the particle circulation frequency at the critical energy, 
                         and it is substantially reduced to be closer to parallel injection 
                         conditions. The instability may be preferentially driven for 
                         counter NB injection due to the interaction of plasma rotation 
                         and/or diamagnetic drift with electron current velocity.",
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