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             abstract = "Future changes of the aridity of South America (SA) are 
                         investigated. The projected changes of the Budyko and United 
                         Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) indices in the mid- and end 
                         of the twenty-first century from the ensemble mean RegCM4 
                         simulations using the scenario RCP 8.5 are presented. The RegCM4 
                         model driven by the global models of HadGEM2, MPI, and GFDL for 
                         the period 19702100 carries out the simulations. For both Budyko 
                         and UNEP indices, an aridity increase over SA is projected. Over 
                         Brazil, the higher changes were found in the Amazon, North Brazil, 
                         and Northeast Brazil (NEB). In the Amazon and North Brazil, an 
                         increase of the aridity of 33.8% and 36.9% (for the UNEP index) 
                         and 4.6% and 13.9% (for the Budyko index), respectively, are noted 
                         at the end of the twenty-first century suggesting an increase of 
                         the process of savannization in future climate. In NEB, a rise of 
                         37.3% and 14.1%, respectively, for the UNEP and the Budyko 
                         indices, is found, indicating an expansion of areas of the dry 
                         land regime.",
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